The Campaign


To be able to take part in life, visit friends, go to the cinema or just move
around town people in big cities need to use buses and trains and a
ticket.. Sadly for many mobility can‘t be taken for granted. They don’t
have enough money for an outward and return ticket that costs more
the 5 Euros after all.
That‘s why many people are excluded from community life or even depend
on dodging the fare to not be completely excluded.
This problem concerns young people going out with their friends just as
much as asylum seekers (only living on a minimum of social welfare)
and everyone who, in course of the dismantlement of the social welfare
state, has to think twice before spending any money. For example many
mothers and fathers with children who draw unemployment benefits,
only 19,20€ per month for public transport.
We call out to lend all these people a hand and show practical solidarity.
It‘s easy if you use the legal possibilities of the BVG terms of transport.
The VBB – Eco Ticket: You can travel with one adult and up to three children
aged 6 to 14 free of charge on Mondays to Fridays from 8.00 p.m.,
and all day on Saturdays, Sundays, on the 24th and 31st of December
and public holidays…
That‘s why our badge-campaign addresses on the one hand, bearers
of Eco Tickets, who want to demonstrate practical solidarity by using
the terms of transport and wear a clearly visible badge, made by be the
Naturfreunde Berlin. And on the other hand we want to address the
people who can‘t afford a ticket so that they can recognise the „free
ride“ and use it. With this campaign we want to call attention to the
rising poverty in our society and build up political pressure. That‘s why
we hope for participation from individuals but also from initiatives and
Badges and information material (post cards, stickers) can be ordered
free of charge at or be picked
up in the national head office in the Warschauer Straße 58a/59a